About me.
Enrico Grosso,
Torino, Italy / Manchester UK


Fine Arts Academy graduated (march 2007)
Advertising and Graphic Institute degree (2000)




Club to Club - The Italian New Wave

Video by Francesco Calabrese, art directed by me.
The goal was to recall some kind of New Wave -New York 80's mood for the video recreating flyers, posters, show tickets and any kind of band-related printable item.

TAGS: Art Direction


We Make Super Denim - Fall Winter

I art directed the new collection for the italian denim brand We Make Super Denim. I styled and directed the shooting for the lookbook and related campaign, directed and edited the videos, built the new website with the introduction of "The Art Page" featuring the collaboration with the US photographer Chris Little. Click here or on the image to see the website as overview of the collection.

TAGS: Art Direction, Styling, Webdesign, Video


Maurizio Zappettini, London

Brand Identity including website design for the London based director Maurizio Zappettini.
Click here to visit the website.

TAGS: Brand Identity, Webdesign


Hannibal Store Blog / Flower Distribution Europe

Just finished renewing the blog of Turin's street-fashion store Hannibal, which I am also the content manager.
Click here to visit.
Being part of the same web renewal campaign I also designed the blog for Flower Distribution Europe, the Berlin based subsidiary of Flower Distribution Italy.
You can visit it by clicking here.

TAGS: Art Direction, Webdesign,


Snapshots Section updated.

I updated the snapshots section of this website with new shots taken in New York City and Central America.
Click here or on the image to see them all. There is actually tons of work-fashion-retail related photos taken in NYC on their way, I only need some time to put some order and I'll publush them too. Come back soon.

TAGS: Photography


Early 2011 update.

Right now I am in New York City carrying on personal projects as well as working as creative director for the fashion distribution company Flower Distribution.
Feel free to write me for any interest or information.


WE MAKE SUPER DENIM new campaign video.

The new campaign teaser for the Italian based denim brand WE MAKE SUPER DENIM in now exclusively previewed on the online magazine Contemporary Standard website. The video was directed and edited by me and shooted by Fabio Cornero. More info here

TAGS: Videos, Styling, Art Direction


Berlin, Turin, New York.

A new project from Flower Distribution. Watch it here. Basically my main project here in New York.

TAGS: Photography, Content Developement, Artworks


Exhibition Party and video for Supremebeing UK.

I organized a party - exhibition at the Museum of Science in Torino for the british brand Supremebeing, showing a part of their new upcoming collection among a crowd of local artists, designer and djs who came to share some creativity around the huge tyrannosaurus rex skeleton standing in the middle of this huge area of the museum. Such a stunning place. I made the artwork for the flyer and art directed the event, Andrea Tallone took photos and shooted some footage that I eventually edited making video you see here.

TAGS: Videos, Events, Artworks, Hand Drawn







Five years of Flower Distribution, anniversary box.

For the first five years of Flower Distribution i made an artwork for a celebrative hand numbered tshirt box set.
The package was sent to all Flower Distribution's customers in Italy.

TAGS: Artworks, Hand Drawn


Ivan Cazzola exhibition, curation and visual

I curated, art directed and organized an exhibition of the italian photographer Ivan Cazzola that took place at Flower Distribution's showroom in Turin. The biggest part of the work was in fact setting up the launch event which featured live music and djs, along with the premiere sceening of Cazzola's newest video "Fucking Smokey City" (more information about the video ahead). Fabio Cornero filmed the most importat moments of the night and i made the video you see here.

TAGS: Videos, Events, Artworks


"Fucking Smokey City" video: logo and acting.

The video, filmed and edited by Ivan Cazzola, was meant to picture a part of Turin's alternative scene and its more representative faces. I made the lettering for the title and I'm also featured in the footage. Actually you can see my face quite often. Watch the video here.

TAGS: Videos, Artworks



We Make Super Denim, backstage video
and shooting direction.

I recently art directed and styled the shooting fot the new collection of the italian brand We Make Super Denim.
The following video, which I edited, features me and the photographer Davide De Martis trying to sort out the best out of a dark and almost scary location.
Watch the website here wemakesuperdenim.it

TAGS: Videos, Styling, Art Direction



We Make Super Denim, product shots

Some product shots i took of the 100% made in Italy pants from the brand We Make Super Denim for an official online preview of the newest collection.

TAGS: Photography, Art Direction


We Make Super Denim, tshirts.

A serie of drawings made by me ended up on a couple of tshirts for WE MAKE SUPER DENIM's newest collection.
Put an eye on the lookbook, photographed by Caterina Pecoraro, by clicking here

TAGS: Artworks, Hand Drawn



Select Store, logo

Branding for the new concept store Hannibal SELECT in Torino Italy, I have also worked on their new blog's layout, watch it here.

TAGS: Graphic Design, Art Direction, Wordpress editing


Director's assitance in London.

I had the chance to work as assistant for the director and friend of mine Francesco Calabrese in London on the making of a fashion video commissioned by the british online magazine Fashion 156 and Claw Films. This is not a personal work but rather a nice experience I want to share.

TAGS: Director's Assistance


Flower Distribution,
brand identity and visual coordnation

Brand identity made by me. Also these photos.

TAGS: Graphic Design, Art Direction, Web Design, Photography


Cover photo for the Scarlets.

Photo featured on GQ Italy. Click here to view it.

TAGS: Photography



Hannibal Store Blog, layout and content editor

Eveything you see on www.hannibalstore.it/blog is made by me, both layout and contents.

TAGS: Graphic Design, Content Development, Wordpress editing


Random artwork.

One piece poster with a drawing i made last spring.

TAGS: Graphic Design, Hand Drawn


Flower Distribution hall of fame paste up wall.

A huge artwork made in one day with a lot of glue and A3 black and white photocopies.

TAGS: Hand Made


Personal Photo Diary.

Some recent photos I'd like to share here.

TAGS: Photography


Random Artwork.

A 2x2 meters artwork i exhibited at Sandretto Rebaudengo Contemporary Art Museum in Turin, Italy.

TAGS: Hand Made


WE ARE TORINO Space exhibition, party.

New Hannibal Store's selected items and exhibition area + local artists exhibition + opening block party. I curated the exhibition and made the visuals. Such a nice day.
Party shots by Fabio Cornero here.

TAGS: Art Direction, Events


Early 2010 update.

Right now i'm working full time for Flower Distribution where i carry on stuff related to a wordwide selection of streetwear brands such as Supremebeing, Mishka, 10Deep, Crooks and Castles, Wemoto, Ucon, Cheapo, Panuu, Rocksmith Tokyo, SF, Lazy Oaf and Chunk.
Lately i've been doing some paste up works and a serie of posters with faces drawn by me, plus i seleced some random shots i cherished in my computer for too long.
Look at the drawings here
Look at the photos here



Summer 2009 update.

Since last january i've been working full time for Creativity Store Agency in Torino, Italy, developing mainly advertising related projects, catalogues, brand identities for companies, shops and restaurants.
During my last stay in New York City i also had the chance to work as camera assistant for the director Blake Farber. Along those experiences i didn't miss the chance to express myself as illustrator working on a few club flyers.
Find out more here


CV packaging.

I am currently working on my personal Cv-Packaging, designed to be printed, cutted, shaped and packed at home with a set of different papers with various weight.
The Cv poster is a timeline based graph with four main horizontal lines representing year, attended schools, work experiences and places where i used to live.


Big Henry logo.

Since my own logo always used to be kind of undefined i decided to stop and start using one for a while.
I played with the initials of my name translated in english, Big Henry, this is what came out.



Line logo.

Identity for "Line" magazine, training rough, the following images contain the ideas i liked more at the end.


Trustnobody Barcelona.

Illustrations made for a streetwear shop located in Barcelona called Trustnobody.
Made with Illustrator and a Wacom tablet.


Mca Architects.

Collaboration with Logout Srl for a simultaneus 3 screens video installation about Mario Cucinella Architects and the 100K house project, everything related to the developement of ecological buildings and the use of clean energy.
For further informations:


Why Brothers? Cd cover.

This is my band's last cd, released in the US on a small label from Philadelfia and in Italy with a diy collective.
The artwork is conceptual, dedicated to a few artists whom memory is dear to me for artistic issues and for a matter of human experiences: Edith Piaf, Ian Curtis, Anita O'Day.
I mostly developed it with Photoshop. The hand writings on the background are notes and unreleased lyrics i wrote during the spring of 2006.

Enlarge image 1 | Enlarge image 2



Billabong, Icons Never Die tour.

Collabroration with Camilletti & Ranallo Agency from Firenze, editing of a Myspace layout about Billabong summer tour featuring the famous australian surfer Occy.


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